Freya the Beautiful, Lady of the Vanir
      Lady Freya      
Fehu rune- wealth and creativity   
Goddess of Love, Beauty, and War
Original Stories about Freya Myths about Freya Fairy Tales Humor
The Brisingamen - Freya's Necklace
      Freya Gains Her Magic Necklace by Brad Johnson
       An original retelling of how Freya gained her magical necklace Brisingamen
Copyright 2005
Tales of Freya and her Followers
  The Prideful Priestess and the Death Goddess by Brad Johnson
  An original story about one of Freya's priestesses and her battle with Hel, the Goddess of Death
Copyright 2005
  How Cats Found a Home in Folkvang told to Brad Johnson by Misty
  An original story recounting how cats became the special favorite of Freya
Copyright 2005
  Why Cats Have Nine Lives - a rebuttal to How Cats Found a Home in Folkvang
  An obvious fib told to Sara by Loki the Deceiver
Copyright 2006
  Freya and the Wicked Girl by Brad Johnson
  An oppressed girl longs for the freedom of Folkvang
Copyright 2006
  A Cold Night in Folkvang told to Brad Johnson by Misty
  Freya, a little cat, and Frost Giants
Copyright 2006
  A Warrior's Tale by Brad Johnson
  An old warrior walks into the aftermath of a slaughter
Copyright 2006
  Momentary Dalliance by Brad Johnson
  Not every encounter is what it seems...
Copyright 2008
  The Goddess and the Hammer of Thor by Brad Johnson
  Freya must retrieve Mjolnir (Thor's magic weapon) from the Frost Giants...
Copyright 2008
  Memorial for Misty by Brad Johnson
  A memorial for Misty - a fine cat and dear friend
Freyja, the enchanting Goddess of Love, Beauty and War
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